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Blackboard Upgrade Information: Home

This guide includes information regarding the May 2017 Blackboard upgrade.


Blackboard has been upgraded from the April 2014 release to the Q4 2016 release. This upgrade does NOT affect Moodle.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact someone in the Tech Commons for assistance.



  • We will not be enabling the Learn 2016 theme. This may be done at a later date, after testing can be completed.

  • We are not on Blackboard ULTRA. Ultra, and the "Ultra experience" require that we be hosted with Blackboard.

  • You will not need to rebuild courses as in past Blackboard upgrades.

Blackboard Resources

See the Blackboard documentation for detailed instructions on many common tasks. 

You might also want to check the Feature Comparison Chart. Note that we upgraded from the April 2014 release to the Q4 2016 release.


Course Activity Overview

Some of the Blackboard reports can be very resource intensive. Please contact someone in the Tech Commons for assistance in running any reports.


The ability to drag/drop files to upload them is included for both faculty and students.


  • Blackboard's default location may not be where you want these files. 
  • Videos should not be uploaded to Blackboard. Please use Ensemble instead, and see a Tech Commons staff person for assistance if needed.

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Dropbox Integration

Integration with free Dropbox accounts should work with the upgrade. We have no plans to purchase Dropbox's Education services.

Grades Journey 

It will not be enabled with our upgrade. Blackboard recommends consultation services because of its complexity. Also, it requires training for any faculty authorized to "push" grades back to Banner. 

Improvements to Needs Grading

When multiple attempts are allowed, not all may need to be graded. The Needs Grading page now hides any attempts that don't contribute to the grade. All items can be displayed, and those that don't contribute to the grade are identified by a gray circle icon.

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Faculty can send reminders for missing course work from the Grade Center.

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Submission Confirmations

Students will now receive a confirmation number when they successfully submit an assignment. Faculty can view confirmation numbers from the Grade Center > Reports menu > Submission Receipts

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