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Course Readiness Checklist: Home


This is a quick checklist to help you make sure your course is ready to release to students. It can be particularly useful if you've copied another instructor's course or your own, as course copies can need some editing.


Do you have a current syllabus? We recommend you upload it to the course as a pdf.

Blackboard Syllabus


Check the course for duplicate content. This usually happens when courses are copied from previous terms. Menu items, content, and even assignments can get duplicated. 


Check course links to be sure they work.

Blackboard Tool


Ensure you do not have videos in Blackboard or Moodle. If you need help setting up Ensemble and moving your videos, we'd be happy to assist. See contact information to the right.

You must log in to before requesting access to use Ensemble. Log in there with your UCA and password and then request access by emailing or

Using Ensemble


Check course dates to be sure they are accurate. This is particularly important in copied courses.

Blackboard Date Management Tool


Check course organization to be sure it's appropriate. If you've copied a regular term course into a summer course, for example, you'll need to rearrange the schedule to account for the shorter term.


Review the gradebook to ensure that assignments are there and are set up correctly. Do you have items that need to be manually entered?

Getting Assistance



Faculty should contact Online Learning support for assistance with Blackboard, Moodle, and other related technologies such as Respondus, Ensemble, Big Blue Buttons, Clickers, etc.

Online Learning

126 Library



For IT-related needs such as email, passwords, desktop or lab support, and classroom AV assistance, please contact the Tech Commons. 

Tech Commons

139 Library




Students should be referred to the Tech Commons for all Blackboard and Moodle related needs as well as IT assistance.

Tech Commons

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