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Video collection

Moodle Essentials PowerPoint Presentation


Instructor Resources

The following list is comprised of links to the official Moodle documentation pages. The links provided cover basic features to get your course up and running. Once there, please feel free to explore the variety of subjects and in depth information that they offer.

General Recommendations

Please note the following

  • Please don't upload videos to Blackboard or Moodle. Please use Ensemble instead, at 

Student registration issues (Important!)

  • Felix is the system of record for registration. Any time a student doesn't appear in Blackboard or Moodle and should, please ask them to check Felix first.

  • Don't try to add a student to your class manually because this can cause a lot of problems for registration. Instead, send the student to Enrollment Services in Turley or to the Tech Commons for help.

    • If the student doesn't see the class in Felix - they should go to Turley. They are not registered for the class.

    • If the student does see the class in Felix - send them to the Tech Commons. We will resolve the sync issue. 


Intro to Moodle

Full Moodle Tutorial