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QR codes at the Library: Home

Mobile phone apps

Here is a sampling of QR code applications. These are external links; be mindful of application costs (if any), phone compatibility and your plan's data download fees.

Library homepage code

What's a QR code?

You might have noticed the square black-and-white codes that now appear with items in our online catalog. These are QR codes. QR is short for "quick response." When these codes are read by a mobile phone application or other device, content such as a web page is displayed. These codes are an efficient way to deliver a lot of information in a small space.

How we're using QR codes

In our catalog, you can scan QR codes to store information about an item in your mobile device. For instance, if you are browsing MARLO at home and find a book you'd like to check out, you can scan the code with your smartphone so that you have all the details handy when you go to the library.

Will my phone work?

Most smartphones with a camera will be able to capture QR codes. However, you may need to install an application in order to read the codes. We've provided a few options in the box to the left to help you find the app that works best for your device.

Watch: Using QR codes

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