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ENGL 2221: World Literature II: 1650-present/Savage S20: Home

Course Info.

ENGL 2221:  World Literature II:  1650-present

MWF  1:00-1:50pm

Jaynes Hall, Room 303

Instructor:  Elizabeth Savage

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Course Description

English 2221 offers a study in literary masterpieces, some in translation, from around the world, including satire (works by authors such as Moliere, Swift and Voltaire); drama (K’ung Shan-Jen, Ibsen, Chekhov, and Al-Hakim); poetry (Basho, Keats, Dickinson, and Eliot); the short story (Flaubert, Ichiyo, Lu Xun, and  Gordimer); and the novel (Yasunari, Achebe and Desai). PR: 1108 or 1109.

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